A view of Physics that will make you think!

It is one thing to suggest a new point of view in science and another to show first, that the new point of view can be consistently held, and second, that there is any benefit to changing to that new point of view. This is why I have attempted in this book to go through the whole body of physical theory to see how all the general laws might be explained in terms of the properties of specific things like electrons, protons, and neutrons. It is a very large project and, in the main, I have relied on explanations that have already been put forward by other scientists but have often not received any kind of general acceptance. In some few cases, I have had to make some speculations of my own. These speculations seem reasonable to me in the context of the larger argument but perhaps would not otherwise be considered seriously. They must be taken as examples of the kind of explanation I seek, and the case I make must be looked at as a whole.

All students of physics will benefit from the challenge to the mind that this book presents. It builds on Darwin's view of the natural world and starts by showing that there are no general laws of physics.

Obviously, I have a different point of view but I certainly do not expect a massive realignment of committed scientists to my way of thinking. As Thomas S. Kuhn says:

The transfer of allegiance from paradigm to paradigm is a conversion experience that cannot be forced.

Read this book and then see whether you can describe the world the same way as you would have described it yesterday.

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