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Time has passed since my father’s original publishing of this work. I was one of the original readers, and the ideas presented in this book have made me a little more skeptical of the explanations of the Universe that have been proposed over the generation since then.

I find that the book stands the test of time, and it is still relevant to the critical thinking that is required to grasp the nature of things, Physics.

The last typesetting of this book was done on a custom word processing computer, and now I find I can republish it using more modern desktop and web publishing tools. There is a companion website for the book at:

Be ready to deal with your natural defenses as these ideas will shake some of your assumptions. At a minimum, this book will challenge you to think. Throughout the book, there are many quotes from other physicists and scholars, that lend insight as to what they too held in doubt.

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Stephen Hume


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