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standingbook.pngOn Beyond Darwin is now available in hardcover. For those who still love paper editions rather than reading an ebook, you can order your copy on this website. Enjoy!

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TrackBacks (0) Comments (0) Beyond Darwin.pdf This is a new publishing phase for On Beyond Darwin. It was originally published in 1983 to a limited audience. Now, a fresh typesetting and web technologies allow you to obtain the book as a PDF in advance of paper publishing. Please print a copy for yourself and send your review and comments to comments (at)

On Beyond Darwin

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standingbook.pngThis website is for the discussion inspired by the book Beyond Darwin.pdf. This PDF copy is available for review. Please send any feedback to comments (at) or by comment on this site. You will have to start thinking about many assumptions you have about the Universe; just as Darwin had to rethink. It is a must read for all students of Physics from any generation.